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Issue 24  |  12 August 2015
Featured Story
From the Principal

Solomon Islands Trivia Night 

On Friday night over 200 people gathered for the 4th annual Solomon Islands Trivia Night. It was a wonderful night of community celebration and fun convened for the purpose of raising much needed funds for our sister school Bishop Epalle College in Honiara.

Our fundraising team consisting of Year 12 students Rylee Hepburn, Bree Ashwood, Josh Dinuzzo, Iesha Clarke and Charlotte Lampard, teachers Mr Nelson and Miss Robertson and Marketing Manager Mrs April Hampson did an amazing job collecting $20,000 worth of donated goods for the silent auction. The total proceeds from the silent auction and door sales amounted to $10,209 which will go towards the construction of a school library at Bishop Epalle College.

I also want to acknowledge the families of our students who have supported them in the preparation for the evening and the many staff who either came along to support the evening or donated items for the auction.

Over the last 4 years we have raised close to $50,000 which is a mark of the wonderfully generous community we belong to. Christ’s teaching around social justice and caring for community is strong and we take inspiration and wisdom from the Biblical story where Christ feeds the 5000 with a few loaves and fishes offered by a young boy.  I take heart from this story on two levels firstly that when we being to share we find that we have more than enough to go around and secondly that the process begins with a young person offering what they have. A reminder that the optimism and energy of the young to make a difference in our world is something which can inspire us all.

trivia 1

Pursuit Of Excellence Awards

Last week we acknowledged students from both the East and West Campus on their pursuit of excellence in their VCE and VCAL studies over the first semester. These students are held up as great role model for the rest of the student body because of the way they commit and apply themselves to their studies. The pursuit of Excellence is not an easy journey and we are pleased that these students continue to make sacrifices to ensure that their studies are there No.1  priority.

As this is the first time students at the East Campus have been acknowledged with these awards a new honour board will be placed  in the Lyons Building in 2016 to record the names of these students and future students who will be presented with these awards at the East Campus.

East Campus

Will Veenman - Assisi, Cristian Hernandez - MacKillop

West Campus

Mikaela Tai - Glowrey, Nathan Martens - Assisi, Lauren Theodore - Avila, Chloe Anderson - Assisi, Hayden Billing - MacKillop, Elizabeth Peach - Kolbe, Hannah Kyberd - MacKillop, Iesha Clarke - Romero, Sam Robertson-Waterson - Glowrey, Stefan Van Der Velden - Glowrey, Caitlyn Van Soest - Kolbe

Pursuit of excellence

SIS Teen Master Chef

Our students performed to a very high standard in the SIS Master Chef competition last week with Bonni-Lee Hovey, Natalie Bara, Lucy Burmeister, Emma Pocock and Daniel Edwards receiving a Silver Medal, a total score of 85 out of 100 and 9th placing overall. The students had to prepare a Main course and dessert with points allocated for Professional preparation, presentation, service and taste. I wish to thank Mrs Marschner who has worked closely with the students as they prepared for this competition over the last 2 months.

2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
Teaching and Learning News

Accelerated Studies 

Well done to all those students who have applied to study an extension subject in 2016. Your commitment to your studies and your willingness to push yourself is to be applauded. Please remember that the purpose of an accelerated unit is to possibly increase ATAR results as well as challenge students who show aptitude in a particular study. Accelerated study does not lead to a study line in Year 12 and all students who undertake accelerated studies must be prepared to pick up an alternative subject in Year 12.

The next step in the process is to review teacher feedback regards the suitability of students to manage an accelerated subject. Criteria will include not only academic progress to date but also teacher feedback regards maturity, ability to manage an increased workload, time management and aptitude demonstrated to date in the chosen subject.

Students who have not completed the online letter of application should submit a written letter explaining why they have chosen an accelerated unit together with the subject that will be selected in Year 12 to replace the Accelerated unit to myself via the front office as soon as possible.

Once all applications are reviewed a letter of acceptance will be send home to notify students and parents that students have been successful. Accelerated studies are not automatically granted. Students who are deemed as unsuitable for accelerated studies will also be notified in person, with a letter to accompany. Failure to gain entry to an accelerated program does not mean that the student cannot study the subject in Year 11. 

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal,Teaching & Learning


West Campus News

Book in a Day

Students travelled to John Paul College on Tuesday, 11 August to participate in the Book in a Day.  Four students worked as authors and another two students were illustrators.  The students were given certain parameters that they had to include in their story.  Then, in just a few hours, using their collaborative skills and natural talent, they were able to produce an illustrated 5 chapter short story called Clownophobia. I do not doubt that it will be an exciting read.  Congratulations to the following students who represented St Peter’s College: Dina Ivkovich (Year 10, GLE), Britney Passe (Year 10, ROF), Riley Turner (Year 9, ASC), Mikayla Van Der Velden (Year 8, GLB), Isabella De Graaff (Year 8, AUE) and Brendan Quintal (Year 7, ROB).  Thanks also to Mr David Stretch who inspired and supervised these students.

High Achieving and Learning Organisation (HALO)

Our Year 9 HALO students travelled with Mr David Fini out to Monash University, Berwick Campus on Tuesday, 11 August to participate in the Casey Challenge. The Monash University Casey Challenge is designed to give Year 9 students an opportunity to experience university life by spending time on campus, meeting some of the faculty representatives, attending lectures, and completing an assignment.  Through this challenge it is hoped that students, especially those who may not be aspiring to a university pathway, will see that university may not be so intimidating.

The school will enter two teams that are tackling the overarching theme of “What makes a liveable city”.  From the submitted assignments, finalists will be chosen to present their work before a panel of judges where the place winners will be selected. The students will attend the University again this coming Tuesday. We wish our Year 9 HALO students all the best in the upcoming challenge.

Inter-house Indoor Soccer Competition

Congratulations to Augustine House on winning the Indoor Soccer Competition Grand Final this week.  Thanks to Assisi House who organised it.  Our next competition is Inter-house Dodgeball run by Kolbe House. This should begin next week.

Athletics Carnival

Parents and students are reminded of the West Campus Athletics Carnival next week on Monday, 17 August.  Students are to wear their Sports Uniform all day.  Only Year 11 & 12 students may dress up in their house colours and costumes. 

Students should arrive as normal at the West Campus and assemble in the Hall in their Tutor Groups for roll marking and notices.  Students will be dismissed from Casey Fields Athletics Track at approximately 2.30-2.45pm. Only students who have previously registered for the bus ride back to the West Campus will be permitted on the bus.  If they have not organised this with their Learning Advisor, then they will need to be picked up or travel home from the athletics track as previously advised on the permission slips.

The required number of buses have already been booked for the return trip.

Students are reminded that this is a compulsory event as it is a great day to build House and School spirit.

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

East Campus News

How important are extracurricular school activities?

Last week’s Campus Assembly showcased the remarkable growth of the East Campus. Four years ago we established our first Debating Team, which inaugurated extracurricular activities at the East. Today, there are numerous activities that students are encouraged to be involved in (netball, HPV, football, drama and film clubs, choir, guitar ensemble, basketball, table tennis, swimming, environment, social justice and prayer groups). Extracurricular activities are significant to the lives of our students as they help to develop the whole student. 

The positive effects of extracurricular activities on students’ engagement, behaviour and education outcomes have been identified by researchers (Massoni, 2011, Trinh Le, 2013). Evidence shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities have reduced behaviour problems and are less likely to engage in risk type behaviours outside of the classroom. Participation in activities improves self esteem, motivation, organisation, time management and school completion. Students who behave in pro-social ways and demonstrate high levels of social competency also achieve highly (McGrath, 2005). This may be due to the growth in self confidence, positive reinforcement and connectedness to the College and its community. Strong pro-social peer networks, adequate levels of social competencies, a sense of acceptance, connectedness and belonging contribute to students’ learning outcomes.

I ask that you encourage your child/ children to diversify and deepen their interests and hobbies and contribute to the life of the College through the many extra curricular activities offered, which paves the way for later social and academic success.

Ms Marjorie Canal
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus


Often children are placed quickly into foster care without much more than what they are wearing at the time. 

They need our help.

Backpacks 4 Vic Kids is a Cranbourne based community group but supports children in foster care throughout Victoria.  They are a registered non-profit community group run by volunteers. 

They assist by providing quality Back Packs and Nappy Bags to children ages 0-17 years entering in foster care in Victoria. Backpacks or Nappy Bags contain size and gender appropriate contents including essential items (such as toiletries), clothing, pyjamas, a torch, blanket and a toy or activity which will belong to the child and will stay with them should they be relocated.

As a community I think we can assist Backpacks 4 Vic Kids in providing the items or backpacks to help support the children being placed into foster care. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like for these children to be placed into care & not having anything of their own. We can assist by making a small difference to these children lives. 

If you would like to help by providing a Backpack or Nappy Bag with essential items & something to love (list of items provided) or you could supply some items and we will put together some bags here. Our aim is 50 Backpacks or Nappy Bags.

We have until end of Term 3, Friday 18th September. Items can be left at College Reception. If you would like more information or have any questions please don’t hesitate contacting me.

Please Click Here to see the full list of items required:

Mrs April Hampson
Marketing Manager

SIS Intermediate Boy's Soccer Report

St Peter’s  1  -  5  SFX

After the 1st game in which goals were being conceded with almost as much frequency as the fall of the Aussie wickets in the fourth Ashes Test, some defensive changes were made and the team began with much more purpose. Vechoorettu and Galojlic missed gilt edged opportunities early doors which, if converted, could have affected the whole dynamic of the contest. An overall improved showing ensued and despite going down 5-1, the boys were competitive throughout and displayed excellent effort. Vechoorettu bagged a well deserved goal and the pick of the performance was Prinzi, who looked a constant threat with the ball in his possession.

Next week sees another tough assignment, away at St John’s.

Mr Andy Broadley
Soccer Coach

Studio Art Excursion

On Wednesday the 22nd July, the Year 12 Studio Art students attended an excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria, at Federation Square. Students participated in a discussion regarding the conservation and preservation of artworks, viewed the exhibition Heartlands and Headwaters and took selfies with the artist, John Wolseley.

He spoke to the students about his ideas on the environment, creating artworks and unconventional working methods, including burying artworks, and letting papers scatter in the wind for up to a year to interact with nature, before collecting them again to re-work them. Valuable insights were gained regarding the art industry and they learnt how monumentally scaled works on paper are cared for and displayed through presentations by Catherine Leahy, Senior Curator of Prints and Drawings, Ruth Shervington, Senior Conservator of Paper and Cherie Schweitzer, Exhibition Designer.

Ms Carla Edgerton
Studio Arts Teacher


Health and Human Development - Childcare Excursion

Throughout Unit 2, area of study 2 within Health and Human Development students explore childhood (birth until 11 years of age) and are required to understand childhood health and development that occurs within this particular lifespan stage. To allow students to see, learn and evaluate the changes which occur in such a rapidly evolving group, an excursion took place at a childcare facility in Dandenong South- Monash Drive Early Learning Centre. 

Year 11 students from the West Campus were broken up into groups of three and were placed across 6 rooms with educators and between 8-20 children. Within the rooms, students were able to take part in structured activities with the children such as ‘Jump for Joy’ which involved singing, dancing and movement with a variety of props, free play time with playdough, blocks and books, whilst interacting with children on a social and emotional level. 

Upon our return to the College, the class came together to share experiences from the different rooms and age groups, which ensured students had become well versed in this area of study. Students spoke of how intrigued they were that children as young as two could count to twenty, how accepting they were of new company in their rooms and the children’s exemplary behaviour in such a busy environment. Our students gained so much from this hands on experience, particularly those who do not have younger siblings or family members.

At St Peter’s College, we pride ourselves on providing students with a range of methods to teach subject material and try to cater for the diverse student needs within our classes. Allowing students to interact with children as young as 6 months old has given them a deeper understanding of the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development that occurs whilst appreciating the range of development within and between children.

We thank the staff at Monash Drive Early Learning Centre in Dandenong South for making our students feel so welcome and providing them with this invaluable learning experience which will help them further their knowledge around childhood health and human development. St Peter’s College East Campus Year 11 Health and Human Development Students will take part in the same learning experience later this week.

Mrs Sarah Slykerman
Health and Human Development Teacher

Religious Education

The House of Mary in Ephesus 

This coming Saturday, August 15th, is the day that the universal Catholic Church sets aside to celerate the doctrine of Mary’s assumption into heaven. This doctrine, that Mary did not suffer bodily corruption after death but was taken to Heaven, body and soul, is one of the two infallible teachings of the Catholic Church. 

The Feast of the Assumption is also one of the two Holy Days of Obligation currently identified by the bishops of Australia that are to be celebrated on the day of the feast and not transferred to the nearest Sunday. The other is the Feast of the Nativity (December 25th).

Given the proximity of the feast, one might wonder what we know about the life of Mary after the Ressurrection and Ascension. The answer is, unfortunately, very little.  Mary is mentioned by name in Acts 1:14 when the disciples are gathered together in Jerusalen to pray after the Ascension and then mention of her in scripture virtually disappears. Many scholars believe that she died in Jerusalem. But another tradition asserts that Mary accompanied St John (the Beloved Disciple) to Asia Minor and settled in a small house outside of Ephesus, which was the most important and prosperous city of the region during that time. It is at Ephesus that some believe Mary spent her last days on Earth.

As a consequence, the local people of Ephesus revere a house in their community as the final dwelling place of Mary, the Mother of God. It is simply called, in English, Mary’s House. It is also revered as the house of John the Evangelist. This reverence of the house fulfils the words of John’s gospel “…Woman here is your son. Then he said to the disciple, ‘Here is your mother’. And from that hour the disciple took her into his own home.” (Jn. 19: 26-27).

Finally, unlike the Resurrection and the Ascension, there is no scriptural reference to The Assumption. Catholic veneration comes from our tradition, which itself is founded on the theological thought of the early Christian Church: Could the body of the woman who brought our Creator God into the world corrupt in the grace? The early Church agreed that this was not the case and hence we have the doctrine of the Assumption of Mary.

St Peter, Pray for Us. St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Pray for Us (Aug 8th) Mary, the Mother of God, Pray for Us (Aug 15th)

Mr Greg Nelson
Assistant Religious Education Leader.


St Peter’s East Campus organised its annual Soup Day last Wednesday 5th August.  We are excited to announce that this activity has helped raise $581.90, which will be donated to the St Vinnies Winter Appeal Fund. This has been made possible by the very generous contribution of some parents through their donations in cash and by supplying the ingredients for the soup. A very special thanks to the Benson family for supplying us with well above the amount of pumpkins needed for the day. We are very grateful to Ms Carol Whimpey, Ms Delwyn Gilman and to all the students who once again this year have offered their kind help to cook, serve at lunchtime as well as to clean-up. The feedback from both students and staff was that the soup was very yummy.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all the Learning Advisors, and staff for their fantastic effort to collect the donations from their Tutor groups and for their kind donations in order to reach this amazing total this year. We are glad at St Peter’s to join our efforts to show compassion towards those in need and this is an example of what we mean by Values and Social Justice education. 

God Bless

Mr Jean-Paul Antoine 
Soup Day Coordinator  


Science Fair - East Campus

East Campus Science Fair

Our wonderful Year 7 students have been busy working on a range of experiments for the “Science Fair”. Just like real scientists they are trying to experiment with a range of team directed discoveries in science to try to work out how or why things work from analysing the vitamin C content in normal orange juice to the perfect paper aeroplane. Come along at lunchtime to see what they have done. Everyone is welcome.
When: 1.30-2.20pm, Tuesday 18th August

Science Week

Calling all budding scientists! This year Science Week runs from Monday 17th August until Friday 21st August. Here at St Peter’s College we will be running at both campuses a range of activities throughout the week for students to take part in. It should be heaps of fun! The theme this year is “Making Waves – the Science of Light” Each day we will be looking at different types of science from the way in which animals view the world to visual illusions, microscopes and magic, flame tests and chromatography, and sunburnt sausages! Check to see if you are colour blind. Look at plasma balls. See some rockets fire off! Check out prisms and polarised sunglasses. No worksheets or school work allowed … just fun!

Mr Brett Barber
Science Coach, East Campus



Science Fair - West Campus

West Campus Science Fair

Our wonderful Year 7 students have been busy working on a range of experiments for the “Science Fair”. Just like real scientists they are trying to experiment with a range of team directed discoveries in science to try to work out how or why things work from analyzing the vitamin C content in normal orange juice to the perfect paper aeroplane. Come along at lunchtime to see what they have done. Everyone is welcome.
When:  1.35- 2.10pm, Friday 14th August

Mrs Tania Brown
Science Co-ordinator, West Campus

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