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Issue 20  |  15 July 2015
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From the Principal

Welcome Back

I trust that all have enjoyed a relaxing break over the last two weeks and are hopefully not stuck at the airport in Bali. On Monday of this week our students have participated in a review of their Reports with their Learning Advisors, concentrating on what they are doing well and what areas they can improve on. Based on those discussions students have now recorded their new goals for Semester 2 in their student record book with appropriate strategies to achieve them over the next 6 months. I encourage parents to discuss this goal setting session with their children over the next week and stick their goals and strategies on the fridge or some other visible place, as a reminder of the consistent effort required to achieve what they want.

Futures Expo

On the 27th July the College Futures Expo will be held at the West Campus for all students from Years 8-12 from both West and East Campus. It is an expectation that ALL STUDENTS will attend at some stage during the day and no classes will be held at the East or West Campus to allow for students and their parents to choose from a variety of careers information sessions. The sessions begin at 11am and go through to 8pm at night to maximise the opportunities for parents and students to attend sessions of interest throughout the day.  Parents can register now for their Futures Expo Sessions through the College Website under the quick links section. Students attending on the day will be issued with their Web Preferences login details to begin their Online Subject Selection choices for 2016.

To visit the Futures Expo Booking area please click here:


I announce and congratulate Mr James Roberts on his appointment as Principal of Good Counsel Catholic College in Innisfail - Diocese of Cairns. As the foundation Head of the East Campus over the last 5 years, Mr Roberts has been outstanding in his leadership of this rapidly expanding learning and faith community and we wish him and his family all the very best as he takes up this exciting new challenge.  As a result of Mr Roberts taking up his position at Good Counsel Catholic College in Week 5 of this term, Ms Marjorie Canal will take on the role of Acting Head of Campus for the remainder of this year and Mr Jean-Paul Antione will take on the role of Acting Head of Assisi & Avila House. 

James Roberts

A process for advertisement and recruitment for the permanent Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus commencing Term 1, 2016 will take place this term with the role being advertised in this weekend's Age Newspaper. 

I welcome Mrs Alitacia Minnaar to the East Campus of St Peter’s College, who will be taking over the role of Mr Justin Dee. Mrs Minnaar will be teaching English and Humanities and assisting as a Learning Advisor in Romero House for Semester 2. I also welcome Ms Kara Patrick who replaces Ms Leah Murphy in the Art Department at the West Campus.

Central Australia

The first bus of forty of our Year 11 students and staff have returned from a very successful trip to Central Australia and the Top End. From all reports our students were great ambassadors for St Peter’s College and enjoyed the beautiful weather and many scenic and cultural highlights that this tour provides. I thank the staff, Mrs Esmaty, Miss Johnson, Mr Mulcahy and Tour Organiser Mr Gyulavary for supervising this wonderful trip for our students. The second trip to Central Australia will return this weekend.

Student Exchange 

As we celebrate all things French on Bastille Day this week I extend a warm welcome to our French exchange students: Axel Aime who comes from Voiron in the South East of France and is staying with the Kilmartin family. Cloé Bally comes from a village near the French Alps called Pers-Jussy and is staying with the Newlands family. Pauline Lennard comes from Le Mesnil Theribus just North of Paris and is staying with the Thomas family and finally Lucas Tolaini who comes from Kuntzig in the North East of France and is staying with the Sieben family.

The students will be attending classes at St Peter’s College over the next four weeks and no doubt will enjoy some warm Australian as well as our St Peter’s College hospitality during their stay here.

2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Mr Tim Hogan


Latest News
Teaching and Learning News

St Peter’s EAL Support Program – Semester 2

Our College has a strong multicultural perspective, which values the harmonious diversity of all cultures within the College.

Students are defined as being EAL (English as an Additional Language) if they come from a language background other than English and therefore may require additional support in learning English as an additional language.

This Semester the EAL Support Program will be available at all year levels to facilitate our inclusive College culture. This program is lead by Anthea Zafiropoulos, who will be working in classrooms on both campuses to assist all of our students from non-English speaking backgrounds by explaining and scaffolding the class tasks and instructions. Anthea will also work with our Teachers to build capacity and skills when teachng students from diverse backgrounds.

The English and EAL program aims to extend students’ competencies in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening: skills that are required for every subject. We continue to endeavour to assist our EAL/refugee students not only through varied teaching methods in the classroom, but also offer numerous enrichment opportunities to further develop their English Language Skills.

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning

Futures Expo: Pathways for 2016 Onwards

Our Annual Futures Expo is St Peter's College 'One Stop Shop' for students and parents for all your Curriculum and Careers information.

Everything you ever wanted to know about: 

Navigating VCE
Careers and University Pathways
Maximising your ATAR  
Acting a Job Interview 
Subjects Selections in the Middle and Senior Years 

Taking the time to be fully informed of all the choices available will ensure a smooth transition through the Senior Years of school and will maximise both our students enjoyment and achievement.

Monday 27th July at West Campus, Multi-Purpose Hall

Bookings must be made to individual Information Sessions prior to the day.

Please click here to veiw all sessions and book your attendance:

Students and parents are reminded to save the date for our upcoming Futures Expo. All students from Year 8 through to 12 in 2015 are to attend at some point during the day.

Enrolment information and individual student logins for subject selection for Year 9 through to 12 in 2016 will only be distributed during the Expo.

East Campus News

Welcome Back

I hope that everyone enjoyed the two break and if unable to get away were able to spend some family time doing something out of the ordinary.  To use a football analogy, Term Three represents the Premiership Quarter where students need to ensure that they remained focussed and work hard at achieving success.  That may involve doing something different in their quest to achieve their goals.  On Monday we started the term with a Goal Setting activity with all students, where they were required to reflect on their Semester One achievements and Report before setting goals and strategies to ensure they achieve success in their learning in Semester Two.  

I encourage all parents to discuss and support their child’s Learning Goals.

Semester Reports

Please note that hard copy reports are no longer sent to families and can be accessed electronically through the College website.  The password required to access the reports is the same as the one used to access the Term One Interim Reports.  Should you not have downloaded your child’s report, could I ask that you make this a priority over the couple of days? Should you have forgotten or lost your password, or require assistance please contact the College Office.

To access the Website Community Portal please click here:

College Uniform and Zero Tolerance

We pride ourselves in the way our students for the most part wear their uniform. It reflects a high level of personal self-esteem and pride in being part of our learning community which has a great reputation in the wider community. Regulations relating to the wearing of the uniform appear in the Student Record Book on pages 14-17 and address uniform, hair, make-up and jewellery as well as on the College website.

For students who present at school out of uniform, students in Year 7-10 are excluded from classes until the breach is rectified. For VCE students, they are also excluded from classes and once parents have been contacted by phone, they are sent home and informed they cannot return until the breach is rectified.  In all cases from Year 7 -12, repeated attempts are made to contact parents by phone immediately the breach is brought to our attention.

To view our website Uniform page for Guidelines please click here:

Mr James Roberts
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Reports and Goal Setting

As all students are welcomed back to Term 3, we have wasted no time in Learning Advisors spending time with students reflecting on the Semester One Reports and helping to revise, renew and reset Student goals for the remainder of the year.  The move to an Electronic Report has made it easier for Learning Advisors to talk with students in their Tutor Group about what can be improved and the appropriate strategies.  Some students had not yet read their reports, which is understandable given the new system of accessing reports on the Community Portal available via the College website.  I encourage any parent who is having difficulty with accessing the Online Report to contact the College for assistance. Our hope is always that parents will sit down with their child and read through a College Report together.  Parent engagement in a child’s education is a significant indicator of the student’s success at school.

To visit the College Community Portal please click here:

To further assist your child in their Goal Setting, I would also invite you to attend the Futures Expo on Monday 27th July to be held at the West Campus.  Attendance is essential for current Years 9 -11 students in terms of their subject choices for 2016, and there is great value for all Year Levels attending for their considering of their future Educational and Careers Pathways.  

As such we have cancelled classes for the day and it is compulsory for all Year 8 through to Year 12 students to attend at some time from 11.00am to 8.00pm.

Student Cards

We always want our students to be at the College no later than 8.45 am and not to leave prior to 3.20 pm.  In the event that a student is late or must leave school early, we have a new automated system that requires the use of the student card to sign in and outof the College.  These student cards are also required for borrowing books or printing at the College.  Students are issued with their cards at the beginning of each year and when enrolling.  If they are lost or damaged through student misuse, then students will be required to pay $5.00 at Student Reception to replace them. Students who do not yet have these cards can go to the IT helpdesk and organise a replacement card immediately.

Parents are reminded that when students are late or leaving early a note is required. Students who are late without a note are issued with a Lunchtime Detention.

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

St Peter’s College is obtaining Student Expressions of Interest for two French Language Exchange Programs for students in 2016.  Program One is to New Caledonia and the other program is to France, however, only one program can be confirmed and this will depend on final numbers.

Further information about both Programs will be given out at an Information Evening to be held on Wednesday 29 July from 7pm – 8pm in the Global Learning Building, West Campus.

If you would like to attend this information session click here to email the College

Ms Olimpia Rosenblum
Exchange Program Co-Ordinator


Maths Help Mondays East Campus Semester 2

Is your child having some trouble with mathematics?

Students from all Year Levels who need help with their Maths work are welcome to come along to the LSL1 Science Laboratory on Monday afternoons from 3:30pm - 4:30pm and receive some added tuition on any areas they are having problems with. Qualified and dedicated teachers will be available to help them out. So please discuss it with your child and then contact the College to register your interest.    

Click here to email the College: 

Mr Brett Barber 
Maths Help Co-Ordinator, East Campus

Religious Education

Psalm 8

Lord our Lord, your name is the most wonderful in all the earth!
It brings you praise everywhere in heaven. 
From the mouths of children and babies come songs of praise to you.
They sing of your power to silence your enemies who were seeking revenge.
I look at the heavens you made with your hands. I see the moon and the stars you created.

And I wonder, “Why are people so important to you?
Why do you even think about them?
Why do you care so much about humans?
Why do you even notice them?”
But you made them almost like gods and crowned them with glory and honor.

You put them in charge of everything you made.
You put everything under their control.

People rule over the sheep and cattle and all the wild animals.

They rule over the birds in the sky and the fish that swim in the sea.

Lord our Lord, your name is the most wonderful name in all the earth!

Mr Steve Nash
Religious Education Co-Ordinator

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Positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary

Tuesday 21st July 2015, 7.15 pm

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Tuesday 21st July 2015, 7.15 pm

Venue: East Campus Discovery Centre

New Building Tour from 7.00pm

Guest Speaker - Ms Robyn Cardamone

Education Support Officer, EAST Campus

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