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Issue 19  |  24 June 2015
Featured Story
From The Principal

St Peter’s Day

I congratulate all the Staff and Student Leaders who put together a wonderful St Peter’s Day celebration on Tuesday of this week. At our Feast Day Celebration Mass at both the East and West Campus students placed their hand written fears in the 'Rock of St Peter' in acknowledgement of God’s promise to Peter and all of his disciples that he would be with us always. Fear is part of our human existence and can limit us in our choices, in the way we want to live our life. God's call out to Peter  “to be not afraid" reminds us that with God’s help we can live life to the full by making loving choices rather than choices inspired by  fear.

I thank Fr Denis  and Fr Joseph for leading our celebrations put together by our RE Team, the Heads of Campus, House Leaders and Student Leaders, for the organisation of the many activities which kept everybody entertained during the day including the wonderful talent quests and our supportive parents who provided the BBQ for over 1300 students and staff. My thanks to all.

tim 24 june


As parents have been advised in earlier newsletters, Reports for the first time will arrive home in an electronic format over the next week. These reports will provide a summative assessment of how students have performed over the Semester and will shed light on the areas of improvement and focus for Semester Two. A key point for discussion with your children should centre around the levels of effort they have put into their studies over Semester One. Reports will indicate a teacher assessment of their level of effort and students will have their own assessment of the level of effort they are working at.

Whichever pathway students take in the future, a good work ethic, self-discipline and evidence of commitment to the tasks at hand is foundational for their future success. No matter what academic level students are working at we should look to see evidence of their growing levels of effort, encourage students when we see it and challenge when it is lacking. In my experience students who have improved their academic performance from one semester to the next have always started with a sustained Improvement in their level of effort and commitment to their studies.

Pope Francis - On Care of Our Common Home

Our amazing Pope Francis continues to challenge the world and provide leadership on a range of issues this time through his recently published encyclical titled “On Care for our Common Home" which calls for a review on our approach to a global environmental policy. Pope Francis challenges all believers that concern for the environment is no longer optional and that action is required to ensure that the next generations are protected from the damaging impact of climate change. Care for our Common Home very much reinforces the traditional church teaching on stewardship with emphasis on our accountability for the great gifts God has given us in creation. On our website you can find the full text of the Encyclical, a Q&A sheet explaining parts of the document and a letter from our Bishop of Sale, Patrick O’Reagan, emphasising its importance to our community. 

Please click here to visit this on our website:


After an 11 week Term 2, I am sure all are looking for a much needed holiday break. I pray that everyone has a safe and happy holiday, particularly our travellers to Central Australia and Darwin and look forward to your return in Term 3.

Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
Teaching & Learning Update


It has been wonderful to see the uptake from students of our newest Software which is designed to assist our Year 12 Students. St Peter's College has invested in this latest program, designed to prepare our students for their upcoming VCE Exams. Any of our students who is studying a Unit 3&4 sequence, including our Year 11 Students, now has a free Edrolo account. 

Edrolo provides comprehensive and up-to-date online video lectures that our students can use to learn and revise all of their VCE content.

Edrolo contains detailed explanations of all that students need to know along with step-by-step worked examples from past Exams. Edrolo also helps students to learn during the Semester and revise before Exams.

In Short: Edrolo makes it easy to boost your ATAR!

marlene 24 june

I strongly encourage all of our Year 12 students to take advantage of the resources available over these school holidays. Any student who has not yet activated their account or who needs assistance should email myself.

Enjoy the 2 week break !

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Head of Teaching & Learning

Our Annual Futures Expo is St Peter's College 'One Stop Shop' for students and parents for all your Curriculum and Careers information.

Everything you ever wanted to know about: 

Navigating VCE
Careers and University Pathways
Maximising your ATAR  
Acting a Job Interview 
Subjects Selections in the Junior Years 

Taking the time to be fully informed of all the choices available will ensure a smooth transition through the Senior Years of school and will maximise both your enjoyment and achievement.

Monday 27th July at West Campus, Multi-Purpose Hall

Students and parents are reminded to save the date for our upcoming Futures Expo. All students from Year 8 through to 12 in 2015 are expected to attend at some point during the day. Enrolment information and individual logins for subject selection will be distributed during the Expo.

East Campus News

St Peter’s Day

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of St Peter in what turned out to be beautiful weather for Melbourne in winter. The day started with our Feast Day Mass at St Agatha’s Church, celebrated by Fr Joseph and we were privileged to have a number of parishioners with us. One of the highlights was the singing by the choir led by Ms Jo Porch and Mr Brett Barber.  A big thank you must go to Mr Peter Woodhouse our Assistant Religious Education Leader for his co-ordination of all of the elements of this Mass and to all of the students that assisted either as Altar Servers, Readers, Musicians or Singers.

Back at the East Campus, the day then swung into Carnival mode with Music, Bouncy Castles, a traditional one, Human Fooseball and a 4-Way Bungy Run, with sales of hot doughnuts and hot chocolate and loads of House Based Activities.  A big thank you to the House Leaders, our House Captains and other Teaching Staff for their efforts with this part of the day.  The highlight being the Wet Sponge Throw….at teachers.  Our P&F were also generous in not only supplying the sausages, bread and drinks for our lunch but also providing parent helpers to cook the Sausage Sizzle and serve us all which they had supplied for everyone at no charge. Thank You!

James 24 june

The day ended with the traditional Annual Talent Quest co-ordinated by Ms Jo Porch.  It was, as usual, entertaining and a delight to see our students support and encourage each other’s God given talents.  Finally a big Thank You to the people behind the scenes – the ladies in the Office, the Maintenance Team and our Support Staff that assisted with the various activities, set up and clean up of the day.

End of Term Awards

Tomorrow our individual Houses will hold their End of Term Award Assemblies.  These Awards are an important part of celebrating learning and growth.  They are not designed for the students who gain the top Marks or Grades (although this of course can sometimes occur).  The purpose of these Awards is to acknowledge student effort and improvement in their Pursuit of Excellence.  All Teachers are encouraged to recognise a single student within their class who has shown significant effort and/or improvement in constantly striving for excellence.

End of Term

Tomorrow also marks the end of Term Two.  It has been a long a term for both students and Staff alike, with everyone deserving of a well earned break.  We bid farewell and wish good luck to our Year 11 Students and Teachers heading off with students and staff from the West Campus on the Central Australia Trip.  

Finally, I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and look forward to seeing you all at the beginning of Term 3.

Mr James Roberts
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

St Peter’s Day Celebrations

This special day on the College Calendar, where we celebrate the Feast Day of our Patron; Saint Peter and recognise our Catholic identity, was a great success. The day began with a Eucharist where staff and students were able to identify our fears and symbolically place them in a 'Rock'.  This signified the handing of our fears over to Jesus who exhorts us to 'Be Not Afraid'.  Our liturgy was enhanced by the involvement of many of our students including our Liturgy Captain, Bree Ashwood and our College Arts Captain, Hannah Kyberd, led us in two rousing renditions of the College Hymn 'Be Not Afraid' and sung a beautiful post communion piece called 'Gabriella’s Song'.

Students then enjoyed the sunny day, competing in the many carnival rides on offer, with Nathan Martens, our College Captian, claiming victory over our Principal, Mr Tim Hogan, in the Annual Gladiator Challenge.

Our SRC, with great assistance from the House Forum Leaders organised many activities in which students could participate or held stalls, raising money for the Bishop’s Trinity Foundation.  Well done to all. 'READ MORE' for full list of activities.

There are many  generous people to thank, including Ms Pina Marciano & Ms Amanda Watson, Ms Annette Marschener and Mr Chris O’Hara Students who did a great job included David Hajj & Nicholas Spiteri and Sasha Shashkoff.

The day concluded with the Annual St Peter’s Day Talent Quest. The courage that our young people showed in performing is a credit to all our students who make St Peter’s College such a safe place to take a risk and live our Student Motto, 'Be Not Afraid'.

Student Talent Quest Performers:
Mikaela Tai, 1st Place, Sarah Shafton, 2nd Place, Chloe Anderson, equal 3rd Place, with Jamie Lyons & Michael Curmi, also 3rd Place, and Breaanne Ashwood, Shae le Gall, Samuel Robertson-Waterson, Keeley Strachan, also performed wonderfully.

Thank you to all the staff and students on the West Campus that made the day such a terrific celebration.

Traffic Crossing on Cranbourne-Frankston Road

The Head of the Crossing Supervisors expressed concern that some of our students are starting to cross the road against the solid red light and the directions of the Supervisors.  This is, of course, a dangerous practice that could result in harm to our students and/or a fine. Police have monitored this intersection in the past and this may occur in the near future.

Please talk to your children and ensure they understand the importance of obeying these basic road rules for their own safety and the fair use of all on the roads.

Tackling Anxiety and Building Resilience in Young People

One of Australia's leading child and adolescent psychologists will discuss what is normal anxiety and what is not, what are the common anxiety disorders and what parents and carers might do to build happy and resilient young people.

7pm to 9pm, Wednesday August 12th, 2015

Click 'READ MORE' for full details

Mr David Hansen

Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Our Year 12 Solomon Islands Students are seeking your help.

Trivia and Silent Auction Fundraiser

7th August  7.00pm College Hall

Put your team together and BOOK YOUR TABLE of 10 NOW! $20.00 per person payable at the door. Self catering and alcohol is allowed for over 18's (not students).

Great fun evening with prizes to be won!

Silent Auction : Bargains gallore to be had on the night. No Reserves and all items will go on the night!

Auction Donations currently being accepted. Nothing too small.

To download a letter requesting donations that you can use or pass on please click here:

Year 10 Reflection Day

On Monday at our West Campus, Year 10 Students participated in a Reflection Day where they focussed on sessions on 'Finding Your Voice' and Reconciliation. Our students participated respectfully and showed a great maturity in dealing with these themes and taking seriously the need for healing those parts of our self that cause problems and relationships to fracture.

Many thanks to our Religious Education Leader, Mr Stephen Nash for his organisation along with input from Ms Janelle McRae and Mr Chris O’Hara in designing the Program.  

A day like this cannot happen without the hard work of the Student Wellbeing Advisory Committee, who saw the need and conceived the idea and our many Year 10 Teaching Staff who generously took on extra time to work in small groups with our Year 10 Students.

Mr David Hansen

Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Health & Human Development Midwife Incursion

On Tuesday Year 11 Health and Human Development students from both East and West Campus took part in a ‘Prenatal Health and Individual Human Development’ incursion at East Campus.

Casey Bradley, a Midwife from the Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne, used a range of video clips, discussion and visual stimulus to present an engaging and informative presentation surrounding the process of fertilisation and physical development from conception to birth; including the features of the germinal, embryonic and foetal stages. This encouraged some thought provoking discussion around the health status of pregnant women and unborn babies in Australia; with many students taking the opportunity to ask about the birthing process and correct any myths they’ve heard about pregnancy.

A range of determinants which impact on development during the prenatal stage of the lifespan were explored including: genetics (sex determination); parental behaviours in pregnancy such as smoking, alcohol and drug use; and health issues such as spina bifida, low birth weight, foetal alcohol syndrome or gestational diabetes. Casey shared some of her experiences delivering babies with the students, including an insight into a typical day as a Midwife. She even showed a few (censored) birthing clips which has encouraged some of our students to state they would consider a career in midwifery at University and others to not have children at all! 

We thank Casey Bradley for her interesting, informative and eye-opening presentation to our Year 11 Health and Human Development students and for sharing her breadth of knowledge in the delivery of such a vital topic to the Unit 2 Area of Study. 

Mrs Sarah Slykerman

Technology Awards

This year, Technology Teachers are presenting Awards to those students who have displayed excellent skills in practical classes.  We recognise that each student has special gifts. For some, these gifts are in practical, hands on Subjects, such as Technology. These types of skills can lead to careers in a wide variety of industries. 

This is one of the reasons the College has developed the Trade Skills Centre and next year, will be offering more choices in the VET Program, including, IT - Media and Digital Technologies, Sport & Recreation, Outdoor Education as well as those that have been introduced this year; Electrotechnology and Engineering. 

VET Students develop good practical skills, and they need to problem solve and use their initiative to complete work to a high standard. These skills can lead to careers that offer high incomes and are often in great demand. 

These awards acknowledge the work ethic and skills that these students have displayed. We congratulate them, and wish them every success in the future.

The Awards for Semester 1 go to:

Year 8:   

  • Product Design:Jake Harrison
  • Food:                 Tia  Vechoorettu

Year 9:   

  • Construction:  Robert Basford  
  • Food:              Ivka Juric
  • IT:                   Tin Tran
  • Textiles:          Lakshmi  Prabhakaran

Year 10:  

  • Food:               Hollie Jones
  • Construction:  Jack Mathews 
  • IT:                   Joseph  Vechoorettu
  • Electronics:     Ryan Thompson

Mr Glen Collings
Learning Area Coach, Technology 

All Schools Cross Country Championships


On Saturday the 13th June, Tom Ryan from our East Campus MacKillop House represented St Peter's College at the 'All Schools Cross Country Championships'.

Tom, who is in Year 7,  competed in the 4km course and finished it in a very impressive time of 16.06 finishing 79th overall out of 150 competitors. This is an outstanding performance from Tom, something that he, as well as the College, can be very proud of.

Well done Tom.

St Peter's Family Prayer Group Meeting

Dear families,

Please note that our next Family Prayer Group Meeting is scheduled for Friday 26th June at the East Campus at 7.30pm. and finishing at 8.30pm.

Our theme of the night: 'BELIEVE AND YOU WILL BE HEALED'

Looking forward to welcoming you for an hour of prayerful time in the presence of Jesus. 

Mr Jean-Paul Antoine 

Alumni News

The College recently welcomed back Graduate of 2015, Jaide Collins who is making her presence felt on the New York university tennis circuit. Jaide recently helped her St John’s University team to its first runner-up finish in the latest season, after her VCE results and talent with a racquet last year won her a full scholarship to prestigious St John’s University to study Radiological Science – and play tennis.

Home for the US summer break until August, Collins said she was enjoying the study and playing. “I’m playing in the university 1st division and the combination of sport and study is working out well,” she said. “I love playing tennis and hope to continue with it after I graduate in 2018. “But I also want to make a career in psychology. I’m thinking about getting my Masters and becoming a counsellor eventually.”

Jaide came back to the College to speak to our current Psychology Students about her experience with VCE during 2015.

Alumni Mentoring Program

Our new website has the much anticipated St Peter's College Alumni section and each and every past student is encouraged to register their details. 

To find update your details and register for our Alumni Mentor Program please click here:

Graduating Class of 2005 
Ten Year Reunion

•    Date:      24th October 2015
•    Time:      7.15 for 7.30pm

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Solomon Islands Fundraising

2015 Trivia and Silent Auction Night

Friday August 7th August

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Graduating Class of 2005 

‘Save The Date Notice’

•    Date:      24th October 2015
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Catholic Life

To veiw the latest edition online please click here:

June Edition NOW available.

Read about two fo our current students, Tess Macartney on Page 2 and Callum McGregor on Page 12

Thank Yous

A Big Thank You to all the Parents and Staff who generously volunteered their time to ensure that the P&F Students and Staff BBQ Luncheon, could happen. This Luncheon is a big part of our St Peter's Day Celebratations. 

Our Term 2 E-waste Competition has now been completed. Thank You to all students and families who sent along their E-waste to the College. Winning House to be announced next Term.

Religious Education

I am writing this piece at the conclusion of what has been a very happy and positive Saint Peter’s Day. I marvelled at the eloquence of Fr Denis as he spoke to us at Mass to begin the day, was spellbound by the many talented students who sang at Mass or entertained us at the Talent Quest and generally energised by all the goings on during the day. It was a great tribute to our College and our Patron Saint Peter. At this time of the year I think that it is beneficial to explore the life of Saint Peter.

The Gospels tell us he was a Galilean, a fisherman and a man prone to being spontaneous (the Transfiguration stories) as well as being prone to times of doubt, and perhaps fear and cowardice (the Trial stories on Holy Thursday and early Good Friday). The gospels also paint a picture of a man who, at heart, was loyal and staunch (John’s Gospel ending).

The picture of Peter painted in Acts is somewhat different. He emerges from Pentecost as a man full of courage and preaches the gospel. He is warned by the ‘rulers, elders and scribes’ not to preach but continues to do so. He is imprisoned by Herod but has a miraculous escape and keeps on preaching. The final time that we hear about Peter in the scriptures is in Acts 15. He attended the Council of Jerusalem and discussed the issue of gentile Christians. This, the first Ecumenical Council of the Church, decided that gentiles could become Christian without becoming Jewish first. From then on Peter disappears from Christian scripture. 

Tradition also tells us something about Peter. This tradition appears in the writing of several saints, such as St Irenaeus and St Clement of Alexandria. They place Peter in Rome at the time of the persecution of Nero in 64 CE. The evidence indicates that Peter was martyred at this time. Tradition says that he was crucified upside down. The ‘Quo Vadis’ story of Christ meeting Peter as he flees Nero’s persecution seems to confirm this: Peter was fleeing Rome but returns after his meeting with Christ to undergo his fate.

This is the man who is the Patron of our college. A complex man who gives us a great example of rising above our weaknesses.

Saint Peter, Pray for Us

Mr Greg Nelson
Assistant Religious Education Leader

First Holy Communion 2015

Parent Information night for First Holy Communion is on Tuesday July 21st at 7.30pm in St Agatha’s Parish Hall.  Attendance is essential for those parents whose children; 

  • made Reconciliation last year
  • missed out on First Communion last year
  • those in Grades 5 and 6 who have made Reconciliation

World Youth Day 2016

The Victorian Dioceses are celebrating the official launch of World Youth Day 2016 with a “Festiwal” (that’s Polish for Festival) to celebrate One Year to Go until WYD in Krakow, Poland. There will be your chance to win one of 2 x $2000.00 grants to go towards your pilgrimage.  

St Thomas the Apostle Church Community

Again a reminder that the popular “Cent Night” will be held in the St Agatha’s Primary School Hall on Friday 17th July at 7.00pm with a gold coin donation on entry. Support St Thomas the Apostle Church Community!

Junior RCIA

A program for students aged 12 to 18 who would like to be Baptised or who would like to complete their Sacraments will begin on Sunday 2nd August. Classes will be held every Sunday in preparation to receive sacraments at Easter.

St Agatha's Parish

Annual General Meeting:

Positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary

Tuesday 21st July 2015, 7.15 pm

Venue: East Campus Discovery Centre

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 21st July 2015, 7.15 pm

Venue: East Campus Discovery Centre

New Building Tour from 7.00pm

Guest Speaker - Ms Robyn Cardamone

Education Support Officer, EAST Campus

VET, VCAL & Careers 


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