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Each year St. Peter's College students are encouraged to participate in the St. Peter's College Annual Photographic Competition

‘Hit It With Your Best Shot’

Winning student photographs can be displayed 'THE ROCK', the St. Peter's College Annual Year Book, on our website, and in numerous College Publications.

Students were given the theme of ‘Saint Peter’s College’ and were asked to enter a single shot or a collation of shots that reflected the theme.

Minoli Gallage, Year 10 Student in Kolbe House, won “Best Shot” with her photograph capturing the spiritual nature of Saint Peter with her cross placed upside down on a rock symbolising how St Peter died and in keeping with the Bible Verse on Saint Peter.

Mikayla Van Der Velden, Year 7 Student in Glowrey House, was runner up with her photograph of Saint Peter’s Sculpture capturing the physical nature of Saint Peter’s presence in the College.

Natasha Dakic and Shayla Hicks, both Year 10 students, representing Augustine House won ‘Best Team Effort’ and third place overall with their collation of shots that reflected life around St. Peter’s College through their eyes.

About my Winning Photograph:

“The light shining on the Cross and the Rock emphasises how they are both symbols of St Peter.

The upside down cross depicts how St Peter did not feel worthy to be crucified like Jesus.

The Rock symbolises the name that Peter was given by Jesus”.

Minoli Gallage, Year 10 Student