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“I was part of the Debating Team which was an amazing opportunity. You debate about minor world issues that are occurring at the time.  Debating helps you to improve your public speaking and teaches you how to think on your feet.”.            

Katlyn Tai – Year 11 Student

Debating not only improves public speaking skills, but also, encourages quick thinking and teamwork. It allows the students to develop self-confidence and the ability to formulate arguments. Whilst students are required to argue one point of view, debating requires students to be aware of opposing views when formulating a stance. Debating has had a proud tradition at St. Peter's College for many years.

As part of the SIS Sport and Cultural Competition St. Peter's College students compete in the Junior and Senior Divisions.

Students meet during their lunchtime to develop their debating acumen, and teams are chosen in the second half of the year to represent the College.