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Social Justice Program

'Walking in the footsteps of St. Peters, we will celebrate our Catholic faith founded on Christ's message of love, justice and service'

'With the servant leadership of Peter as our model, we aspire to strengthen the qualities of all those in our community so that they may lead with wisdom, compassion and courage'

St. Peter’s College has a strong tradition of Social Justice.

"We have raised money, donated goods and walked alongside some of those living on the fringes of our society"

Introducing our College Social Justice Captains 2017

2017 Social Justice Sunishma Balla 

Sunishma Balla, Social Justice Captain West Campus

"I applied for the role of Social Justice Captain because I really feel strongly about issues such as homelessness and I wanted to be able to do something to make a difference. I see my role as being important at St. Peter’s College because I can help raise awareness about social justice issues amongst the students".

"My personal goal for this year is to make more students aware of issues and to give them the chance to help out in some way. I think this fits with our College theme this year because St. Peter saw an issue and he stood up and spoke out about it. I think sometimes social justice issues seem really big and difficult so I hope that if I can speak out like St. Peter more students will also feel like they can speak out and do something to help".

2017 Social Justice Tiffany Forbes

Tiffany Forbes, Social Justice Captain, East Campus

"This year I set out on a personal mission to remove myself from my comfort zone and challenge myself in all areas of my life. This urged me to apply for the position of Social Justice Captain in hopes that I could make a positive difference to the College and the broader community, whilst growing and flourishing as a student at St. Peter's College.

My favourite quote reads "be the change that you want to see in the world," and through this role I hope that I can take actions to make the world a better place and inspire others to do the same. 

In the world today, we constantly see many injustices. One person alone cannot solely find a solution for all the issues we face, but that is not to say that one person cannot make an impact at all.

My goal throughout this role is to ensure that students who are passionate about justice and making a difference are provided with the accessibility to get involved with the social justice events and opportunities that St. Peter's College provides. I also hope to implement more of a sense of awareness about these issues and encourage increased participation within the College. 
Our annual college theme "After much debate...Peter stood up" ties in perfectly with my vision for Social Justice at the College this year; in the way that I want to be able to encourage all of our students to essentially, stand up. Whether it be for their own rights, for the rights of others, for justice or for fairness and generosity in our community. I myself will ensure I am a role model of this, and portray to students the idea of servant leadership; encompassing having the desire to serve first and live out the actions in which I preach. 

Over the years the students and staff of St. Peter's College have developed a strong relationship with a number of organizations outside of the College, and volunteer their time to assist those who are less fortunate than they are.

Programs include Ozanam House in North Melbourne and volunteering at Vinnies Cranbourne, partnerships between our Year 10 CSYMA Students with local aged care facilities, such as Willow Wood Aged Care, all the while getting first hand experience in all that these organisations, and others like them, achieve every day. 

Part of the St. Peter's College Year 12 Program is an opportunity for students to participate in the end of year St. Peter’s College Solomon Island Immersion Program. The Program, which comprises three key activities being: Fundraising, Cultural Learning and  the Immersion Trip are designed to enable our students to develop a greater understanding of themselves, in relation to the world at large, with particular emphasis on those countries that are still developing and are perceived to have a lesser lifestyle than the one they are accustomed to. Click here to read more:

As well as these activities the St. Peter's College Student Body, as a whole, undertakes many fundraising activities throughout their year. Students and Staff have raised funds to support the annual Caritas Project Compassion Appeal, The Winter Blanket Appeal for St. Vincent de Paul, Harmony Day and several free dress or theme days to raise money for the Bishop of Sale, Charitable Fund.

2017 Caritas Fundraising Kicks Off with Pancakes.....

A ‘Very Special Thank You' to all St. Peter’s College students who work throughout the year to further develop our program of Social Justice, not only within our College Community but to the community at large.