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Human Powered Vehicle Program

“From small beginnings come great things”.

And so it has been for the  St. Peter’s College, Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Community.

In 2013 St. Peter's College, with the help of funds from the College Parents & Friends Association, purchased its first Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) with both the East and West campuses students involved as riders, fundraisers & supporters or both, along with parents and families and College Staff.

In 2014 the College HPV Team went on to secure a 'Danihers Facility Management Grant', which allowed the purchase of our second vehicle.

Students train on their own bikes and race as part of the team, taking turns to pedal the vehicle, testing their speed, endurance and ability to manoeuvre around other drivers on the track. Events are held throughout the year, with highlight events starting with the Casey Fields HPV Competition run over one day, early in the year, then the Wonthaggi HPV Event over two weekend days, and later in the year the RACV Breakthrough Event.

HPV is truly a team event at St. Peter's College with students of all abilities, interests and ages coming together. Some are interested in the fitness and racing side of the HPV Program while others are more interested in the building, repairing and maintaining of the vehicles, and everything that entails, while others are keen to support ongoing fundraising at lunchtimes.